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Is it possible to generate crosswords automatically or should I create it manually word by word?

Puzzle-Maker.Online allows you to create crosswords both automatically and manually. Just type theme in the title field and press button “Auto Generate” to generate crossword automatically. You can then edit or expand it manually if you wish.

Does Puzzle-Maker.Online contain any word banks or should I use my own?

Our website contains already prepared word banks for several languages, however you can create your own word banks if you wish as well.

Can I save the progress while creating crosswords or puzzles?

Yes. All your crosswords and puzzles are saved on your account. You can edit or expand them anytime you need.

Can I create crosswords together with my friends or co-workers remotely from two separate computers?

Yes. You can select your crossword as “Allow to clone by others”, so everyone who has a link to your crossword can edit or expand it and send you back.

Can I embed created crosswords to my website, so my users can solve it on my webpage?

Yes. You can embed any crosswords and puzzles you created to your website. The special code that should be copied to your website is located near every puzzles in “My puzzles” category in your account.

Can I send my crosswords and puzzles to my friends or class?

Yes. You can send your crosswords and puzzles to anyone you wish.

Can I recommend the Puzzle-Maker.Online to my friends and earn money?

Yes. We have launched a partner referral program in order to let our users earn money together with us if any of their friends create premium account.

How much can I earn?

We pay 50% of all transactions made by your friends.

How can I recommend your website to my friends?

It’s very simple. Just create a free account and you will get your own unique referral code and unique referral link. Just give code or link to your friends and once they register to Puzzle-Maker.Online we pay you 50% from all their transactions.

What if my friends recommend Puzzle-Maker.Online to their friends, will I receive money from their transactions as well?

Yes. We call it second level users. You will receive 10% from all transactions made by friends of your friends.