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Crossword Puzzle Maker

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To reverse the direction, press the space bar or click the button:

When enabled, click on the subsequent letter boxes to form a solution from them.

Crossword Generator, as the name suggests, is a specialized tool used for creating crosswords with clues or without them in any language.

How to use Crossword Puzzle Maker

To facilitate the process of creating crosswords, we have provided three alternative tools for generating them, which we describe in detail below.

The first and simplest way to generate crosswords is to use our automatic AI generator. Simply enter the topic or title of your crossword in the title field and press the "generate" button. This way, you will quickly generate the crossword puzzle you are interested in. What's more, our generator automatically fills in the questions and adds a hidden word, which is also related to the chosen theme of the crossword. Of course, you can still edit or expand the generated crossword as you like.

The second tool involves preparing a list of words you want to include in the crossword puzzle and entering them into the designated field for arrangement. After clicking the "arrange" button, our generator will automatically arrange them into a crossword puzzle, where you will be able to add a hidden password and your own background picture. In the second step of creation, you will need to choose suggested questions for each of the passwords or write your own.

The third tool is designed for professionals who independently create crossword puzzles and like to have full control. It's a method where you rely solely on your own knowledge and skills.


Are the generated crossword puzzles my property?

Yes. All created crossword puzzles are the property of their creator.

Can I create crossword puzzles together with another user?

Yes. We have provided a feature for sharing with other users. Simply check the appropriate box when creating the crossword puzzle, and it can be downloaded by another user for editing.

Can I share my crossword puzzle with others?

Yes. After creation, each crossword puzzle has its own unique link. You can send it to your friends or class, or post it on the internet.

Can I embed the created crossword puzzle on my own website?

Yes. After creating the crossword puzzle, you will receive its unique code, which you can copy and paste onto your website. This way, visitors to your site will be able to solve crossword puzzles without leaving your domain.

How long can I use the prepared crossword puzzles?

Access to some of the generator's features is subscription-based. As long as you maintain your subscription, you can create crossword puzzles. However, all crossword puzzles created by you remain accessible even if you stop paying. The subscription only applies to creating new crossword puzzles.

What copyrights do I have to the crosswords I create?

You have full copyrights to the crosswords you created.

Is there a word bank prepared?

Yes. We have prepared an extensive word bank that suggests which words can be used. You can also create your own themed word banks.

Do I have to create questions for the crossword myself?

No. Depending on the language in which you create the crossword, we have a database of questions prepared. There are usually several to a dozen or so suggestions. When using the AI generator, questions are generated each time by our system, tailored to the given theme. However, you can always enter your own questions.