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Predefined general word bank in different languages
Predefined crossword clues
Predefined background images
Embedding crosswords and puzzles on your own website
Predefined images for jigsaw puzzles
Printing crosswords and puzzles
10% special promo discounts for all new users registered through your referral code or link
Editing crosswords and puzzles after creation
Ad-free experience
Dedicated contact and support team assistance
Creation of custom word banks
Formation of classes or user groups
AI-generated crossword creation (one-click puzzle generation)
Upload your own logo
Collaborative editing and expansion of crosswords in group
Various crossword templates
No monthly limits on crossword and puzzles creation
No monthly limits on sharing crosswords and puzzles with friends
Detailed statistics for your crosswords and puzzles
Access to predefined educational crosswords and content (language-dependent)
Lifelong exclusive copyrights for every crossword and puzzles created